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I was born in New York to Jamaican parents, but I was raised in sunny South Florida. I have a daughter who brings so much joy to my life. After serving in the Navy as a Seabee, I decided to follow my passion for making people feel beautiful through hair. I absolutely love coloring hair and helping people express their unique style. There’s something so magical about transforming someone’s look and boosting their confidence through a fresh hair color. From vibrant and bold shades to subtle highlights, the possibilities are endless! It’s incredible how a new hair color can completely change someone’s appearance and make them feel like a whole new person. Whether it’s experimenting with trendy balayage techniques or creating a stunning ombre effect, I’m always up for the challenge. And let’s not forget about curly hair! As a fellow curly girly, I understand the unique needs and challenges that come with curly locks. I’m always on the lookout for the best products and techniques to enhance and embrace those beautiful curls. So, if you ever need any hair tips or just want to chat about all things hair-related, I’m here for you! In my free time, I love indulging in anime, exploring different cuisines, and traveling to new and exciting places. It’s an amazing way to experience different cultures and create lasting memories.